StudentProTips Top 10 Recipes

Peter Allen
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A digital cookbook with step-by-step instructions and visual guides will be delivered straight to you. Pay what you like.

You get recipes for:

1. Taco Soup:
     A perfect meal by itself, this soup has lots of great variations and costs less than a dollar for a big, warm bowl.

2. Beans and Rice
     A staple of any frugal chef, this has all the nutrition for the minimum cost. Plus great suggestions on how to spice up your basic recipe with in season vegetables and delicious sauces.
3. Improved Red Sauce
     Your basic store-bought red sauce can be a perfect base for an amazing meal. Everyone knows how to make a bowl of spaghetti but this recipe makes spaghetti special.
4. Lean Pocketbook Burrito
     A tortilla plus refried beans is the base but what else can be done to enhance this student staple? Five recipes in one, this is a meal you won’t mind eating twice a week.
5. Bachelor Chow
     The culmination of years of experience living cheaply, bachelor chow is my scientific answer to:  cheap, healthy, and convenient. Find out all the tips for making a smooth shake or a warm breakfast. Plus learn sources for bulk ingredients to save even more.

Plus 5 more great recipes!

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StudentProTips Top 10 Recipes

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